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Shaklee Corporation is an American manufacturer and multi-level marketing distributor of natural nutrition supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products. The company is based in Pleasanton, California with global operations in Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. On November 30, 2018, Shaklee suspended its operations in Mexico after 26 years.


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Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Upper management can do ANYTHING and get away with it, unless owner does not like the person. They continuously stifle the growth of company and workers. The company has backward thinking. Occasionally, try to be more modern by attempting "ideas" that were current 10-20+ years ago. Lack interest in being current with today's consumers. All decent to good people leave once they can (asap). Not enough space to go into all problems."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The same passionate employees have their passion snuffed out by the company culture. The CEO operates from a point of view of mistrust of his employees; executives and high-level managers are hired but then not allowed to do their jobs. Sales have fallen to record lows. There's only one common denominator here, and it isn't the worker bees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start? Well, at the top makes sense. The owner bought the company around 2004, and U. S. sales have pretty consistently dropped ever since. Opening in China about 5 years ago helped briefly, but sales there have already dropped to 1/2 or less of where they started. Other markets are being closed (e. g. Mexico). Most of it can be tied directly to the inability of the owner to offer any strategic direction to the company whatsoever. He focuses on constantly “re-branding” products (sometimes just a couple years after having already having done so,) rather than making any meaningful changes to the compensation plan or infrastructure that might actually draw new people to the company. Unfortunately, he married into money so this is just a plaything for him to say he is a CEO, and he doesn’t seem at all interested in making it successful. The company is on its third or fourth President since he has owned the company, each less effective than their predecessor. The current one came in over 3 years ago with much promise, but has seen sales continue to drop the entire time, to near historic lows. Her level of micromanagement is like nothing I have ever seen from someone in senior management, and it is becoming clear she focuses on the minutiae because she has no actual long-term strategy for pulling the company out of the death spiral it is in. As might be expected in a company on life support, morale is terrible. Again, because there is no strategic vision whatsoever, people work long hours, often on projects that end up not being implemented. Or worse, they are often changed at the last minute and rolled out haphazardly, simply confusing the customers more. Little, if any, recognition is given for the work people do. Raises have remained the same for at least 10 years, never more than 2%. The annual review process is a joke and doesn’t tie to raises or bonuses in any way, so people “going through the motions” get the same small increase that hard workers do. And the HR group, on the rarest of occasions when they are actually doing something, are only looking out for management and never advocating for employees. There are so many more issues, but ultimately they all stem from a lack of any strategic vision on the part of senior management, and a complete disregard for the employees."

Former Employee - Web Developer says

"The manager blatantly asked me as an hourly contractor to put in free work. When I complained as minimally as possible they fired me. Then the management team lied to the Labor Board about why they fired me."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management has no appreciation for talent. They let outstanding people go and keep some real idiots. The CEO is a charismatic guy but doesn't care for anyone other than his top management. Management is far more interested in cutting costs than making money. And if you're a white male you'll never go anywhere. On top of that they don't hire nearly enough people to do the tasks required, so people have to work late and on weekends. It's expected."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I have never worked for a company that was so anti-employee and it comes from the top down. They see their distributors as the drivers for the business and not the employees. As an employee they actually shuttle in these distributors in a limo to the corporate office and require employees to stand out front to applaud them like trained seals as they walk in on a red carpet... the insincerity felt was palatable. The CEO and owner fails to recognize it is the human capital that supports and enables the distributors to sell the products that the employees innovate. Shaklee pays poorly and raises are the same year of year at 2% with no recognition to high performance evaluations. The company is not public so there is no accountability and exposure to how well the company was performing. What we knew was the company was doing well all year round based only on company meetings touting their goals to be a billion dollar company, but ironically just before annual increases doom and gloom would spread through the company that it was not doing well. By the time you received your small payout you were made to feel "lucky". This happened EVERY YEAR!"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Low pay, no significant raises, no promotions, no recognition, no commission, bonus only for upper management. Managers brought in from outside companies instead of promoting from within. Constant layoffs. Fear based culture. Lack of communication between departments"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Morale is terrible, mainly because the company is completely rudderless. Every decision needs to through multiple senior execs for approval - only to then have their decision overruled by the owner. Owner is charismatic but the field leadership no longer believes his interest in the company extends beyond money, and thus fight every decision trying to keep their piece of the pie. Most senior exec's primary goal is to get whatever perks they can rather then trying to solve the core business problems that have led to declining sales for years."


"Upper management is nothing more than a yes man for the CEO. They like the lower level employees are tired and very dissatisfied with the owner. Every department is tasked with daily or weekly changes in company direction and projects. This is all due to the CEO and his lack of business experience and reality. There is a big dissension in the ranks. Every year the company goes through two layoff. March and September. This is just so they can meet the budget, pay out the big executive salaries and perks and make up for the business lost during the year. They don't want to invest in the company or in the systems. They don't respect the employee or their time. No company growth is possible."


"My interview was unorganized and full of people who were late to interview me. After I started I immediately figured out the company was not what it was said to be. In fact I picked up on that in one of the Sr. Manager's interviews. She sounded bitter and stressed when she spoke about the company. They have outdated systems which the owner won't replace. The IT infrastructure is beyond repair as is their mindset of the company. The moral of the company is such that the employees realize that the owner is just there to make money for himself and so he can afford the big incentives to the executives he is trying to bring into the company. The owner cares more about paying executives to stay or come to the company to the point where twice a year every year they lay employees off. Its now turned into an upside triangle that will eventually crumble, Senior management knows this so they take advantage of the company and spend lots of money on themselves. And when budget time comes they lay the good people off so they and the owner can keep their high paying positions. About a year before I left they started a guy from Proctor and Gamble. As far as I know he doesn't understand the business and has just brought in more and more of his cronies who also doesn't know the business. The overall atmosphere is depressing and the employees are the ones to suffer. There is no work life balance."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Team leads treated you as if you were garbage, yelling at you for going to the bathroom. Management was awful. Power went to their heads. Was very hot in the summer and no fans were provided.BonusesEverything else."

Xxxx (Former Employee) says

"A Company that is not strong and very solid in the Corporate world.The good products they made are very expensive for a regular person that would like to buy. Shaklee is a pirámide business and they don’t want to admit it. I can believe this kind of business still exists in Corporate USA."

Customer Sales (Former Employee) says

"Call center production for Shaklee, run by Sitel. Inbound calls for 8 hours a day for members looking to purchase for their own clientele and individuals. Benefits and time off were not offered.NaNo clear leadership."

Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Used to be a great company to work for however would now not recommend to anyone. Expect hourly employee's to be on call 24/7Pay, BenifitsManagement"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"I like the job itself but they don't ever hire on and are not family orientedhours"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"if you enjoy warehouse work this would be good nice people very helpfull"

Operations (Current Employee) says

"There is a new upper management team and they are implementing lean management in the warehouse, so there are alot of changes on the floor that can make days challenging at times for team leads and management. The people on the floor are very nice and work very hard at what they do everyday."

Senior Graphic Designer (Current Employee) says

"Shaklee is a place that isn't forward-thinking. Being pioneers in the field for so long they didn't use that insight to move the company into the future to continue being competitive. The management tended to micro-manage their employees leading them/us to not want to continue to present ideas helping the company. It's a great company if you are higher up, but not very good to those lower on the feeding chain.close to home.not creative or trusting of employees"

Independent salesDistributor (Former Employee) says

"administering new products to the sales team, I learned to work hard and stay consistent with my job. management was great everyone worked well together, my co- worker where easily approachable. my job was sometimes stressful. Enjoyable part making new friends, meeting sales goals and make progress with my work.working together as teamshort breaks"


"No se logran muchas veces las ventas por falta de seriedad de parte de la empresa no tienen suficiente stockEs un multinivelNo se satisfacen las necesidades del cliente"

Independent Consultant (Current Employee) says

"I love that I get to make my own hours, however the position is sales based, no sales then I don't make money and that can be stressful. It takes the right type of personality to succeed in this home based my own hoursnot stable" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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